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Striped Top | Lace Cami Dress | Split Back Bell Sleeve | Confetti Crop Top | Blush Pleated Maxi | White Ruffle Sleeve Top

Do you ever find a website and wonder if it’s too good to be true? That was me when I found SheInside. The clothes are trendy and unbelievably affordable. This post is all about my favorite finds (so far) from SheIn and how you should shop for your own pieces!

1) Striped Ruffle Sleeve Top- This top’s different style is what attracted me the most! It fits like a parachute so pay close attention to the measurements. I’m wearing an XS and it’s plenty big. Every time I wear it I get compliments on it. For $14, I had to have it! It also comes in a black stripe and a black and white check

2) Lace Cami Dress– Perfect for spring/summer, this dress is actually a dupe for a designer version thats $400+. You cannot tell a difference in the two. I checked every part of the dress and there isn’t anything noticeably different. It also comes in navy and red but I chose the blush because the underlay was less noticeable than on the navy and red. The biggest tip I can give for shopping online is have a loose tape measure and know your measurements! Bust, Waist, and Hip will most often be the only necessary but pay attention to the style of clothing. Sometimes shoulder width or sleeve length is important.

3) Confetti Crop Top– I love this print! The colors in it give you a wide range of options for pairing pants or a skirt like I did. What you can’t tell from the way I styled it is that it’s a crop top. It actually has a scalloped edge on the hem. I thought about buying some high waisted white denim but this midi in my closet was saying “pick me!”.

4) Blush Pleated Maxi– Let me start this off by saying, who doesn’t want a blush pleated maxi? Especially one that has a sheen to it? It comes in blush, navy, green and silver. Be absolutely sure you have measured your waist for this one. I ended up ordering the medium and the small and returning the one that didn’t fit. Also, pull out your heels because it’ll drag the ground otherwise.

5) Ruffle Sleeve Top– I loved seeing all the ruffle trends over Fall and Winter! I found this ruffle sleeve top and loved it but they also have it in a sweater version too. I linked it HERE. This top is a little short in length though so if you have a longer waist like myself, plan to tuck it in or wear some high waisted pants.

6) Split Back Bell Sleeve–  Softest material ever. I love a good cowl neck, especially one that is as soft as this one. It works great for me with our warmer weather. I feel like I’m getting to wear it longer because it’s not stuffy and thick. That’s without mentioning the split back. I was worried it’d be too revealing but it’s not! Also, wearing an XS for reference. Keep in mind the back is open so it fits differently.

I hope this post encourages you all to visit SheIn and benefit from some great finds. If you ever have any questions about their clothes/fit/shipping, don’t hesitate to email me.

Thanks for visiting!


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