Shandley Family Photos 2017

Shandley Family Photos 2017

Annie Shandley Annie ShandleyAnnie Shandley Annie Shandley Annie Shandley Annie Shandley Annie Shandley My Outfit: Navy Pleated Skirt, White Tunic, Heels, Monogram Necklace, Gold Choker, Gold Watch, Fake Tan but I LOVE this one too for the price, Curling Wand

Darrin’s Outfit: Favorite Brand of Button Up Shirt, Slacks, Shoes, Belt

Kooper’s Outfit: Shirt, Shorts, Shoes

First off, I LOVE family photoshoots. Especially Shandley Family Pictures! Are they stressful with a toddler? YES. But the way I see it, even if he’s pitching a hissy fit in every single shot, they will still be cherished memories that we’ll one day look back and laugh at. Lucky for us, Kooper was pretty well behaved for this while shoot so we got some really great shots. I’m super thankful for a Mother in Law that loves family photos just as much (but probably more) than I do and the amazing photographer that shot these, @Kellycostellophotography.

Our theme (if it isn’t obvious) was blue. Any shade of blue would do #poet. With 9 people to coordinate, you keep it simple. I linked everything for my little fam of three in the links above including some of Darrin’s favorite brands. He bought these same oxfords in black too because he liked them so much. He’s normally a boot guy but certain pant cuts don’t accommodate boots.

Kooper’s outfit was pretty simple. The shorts he wore run pretty big. He was able to wear a navy pair that was sized 6months until he was almost 2 and half years. The Khaki ones he’s wearing above are size 2 years but I role the elastic band up one time to shorten the length a tad. Bottom line, they are worth investing in.

For my look, I’ve linked and styled this skirt before. I have it in blush pink and a dark army green. Great fabric, pleats that hold even after you’ve sat on them for an hour in church,  and the sizes are normal US sizes ( I wear a small for reference, this skirt sits higher than your bellybutton). Email or DM me if you have any questions about style or fit. Keep in mind that this skirt is meant to be a mid length skirt which means it falls between your knee and ankle. I’m 5″7′ so if you happen to be on the shorter side, this skirt may fit like a maxi on you.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some family content on the blog! Thanks for visiting!

Annie Shandley


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