About Annie

Hello and Welcome to HRHH! I’m Annie Shandley, wife to Darrin and momma to Kooper. Located South of Houston, TX,  I’m just a woman who loves to share life and style with anyone willing to listen! I started High Road in High Heels as a side hobby and excuse to shop more and learn about photography. Coincidently, I still only shop when the budget allows and Darrin is the one who learned how to get the good shots with our camera. So there’s that.

Darrin is in his fourth year of Optometry school and officially less than a year away from being a third generation Optometrist-Woo hoo!! Our families and I could not be more proud. His desire to learn new facts/skills is one of my favorite things about him, especially when I came home and said “I think I want to start a fashion blog, do you think we can figure out how to use a fancy camera?” Photographer is one of the many hats he wears for our family. He is a phenomenal dad to our son, Kooper, who turned 2 in April of this year.

The support I’ve received from family, friends and strangers on social media is such a huge part of what motivates the driven, wanna-be-creative person in me. I continue to juggle my job, household and this blog for the mere hope to influence someone in a positive light.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy HRHH!

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